Kagan Studio is a Mixed-Media Art and Design Studio based in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Solomon Kagan in 2006, the scope of work includes original inked graphics, digitally mastered prints, and highly crafted wall sculptures and installations. The studio specializes in integrating unique art into each environment, reinforced by design resources, experience and careful attention to service. The focus is on production and installation of fine art for private and commercial clients.


Solomon began his career as an architect after earning Bachelor’s degrees in Architecture and Industrial Design from North Carolina State University. He worked in the architecture field for several years before returning to studies, earning a Master of Architecture from UCLA. After his studies, he continued on to work with design and art production firms servicing private and commercial clientele in Los Angeles. Beginning in 2006, he began creating his own series of inked drawings and developed his signature style aided by digital graphics techniques by translating those original graphics into fabric, beads, leather, wood, and other materials. Today, his work is focused on production of fine art and commercial design applications targeting audiences in hospitality, architecture, interior design, apparel, and private collectors. His Fine Art Collection embodies the concept of reuse, utilizing re-purposed garments, material samples, and discarded fabric remnants to create new, striking abstract pieces. However, the most striking (and understated) element of his studio work is sentiment. The ability to incorporate an object or garment that has held significant meaning to its owner at some time simply elevates its new embodiment to heights which can neither be designed, nor duplicated.


"The driving force behind my work has always been to create my own artistic identity that could resonate with the world the way I see it. Beauty is all around us, it is simply a matter of how we choose to frame it. I am blessed and grateful for the love and support of all the special people in my life and the opportunities I have had and continue to find."

-Solomon Kagan



Solomon Kagan



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